Ciara Brings Cowboy Style to Cannes


It’s already been 2 years since Raf Simons sent silky Western-style shirts down the calvin klein Spring 2018 runway at ny Fashion Week. currently the glam cowboy trend he formed that season is spreading far beyond and wide. whether it’s because of the presence of Lil Nas X’s “Old town Road” or the influence of Post Malone’s Nudie-suit evoking wardrobe, people are taking Western wear to each corner of the globe.

Ciara is the latest to tip her 10 gallon hat to the wild west whereas traveling abroad. working at the annual advertising conference the Cannes Lions International festival of creativity, the creator brought a full-out glam cowboy look to the French Riviera, of all places. The singer posed in shiny wide-legged high-rise pants that she paired with a black button-down shirt that was showing neatness knotted at her waist. She screw-topped it all off with a black cowboy hat, naturally. where other celebrities do their best to evoke so-called French girl style on the famed riviera, Ciara verified herself to be most trendy cowgirl in Cannes.


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